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The hospital is named after Shri Uthram Thirunal Maharaja who was the younger brother of the well known Swathi Thirunal Maharaja.  He had ruled the state of Travancore for a period of 13 years. Though not well known like his brother, he made many contributions to modernize the state and the society, of those the most significant one was the abolition of slavery.

By a single Royal proclamation, the Maharaja stopped slavery once and for all.

Although this one act alone would have made him elegantly eligible to be remembered by the future generations, the exact reason for this dedication is different.Our dedication is because of his interest and involvement in scientific medicine. His fascination for modern medicine was so great that he had asked Dr. Brown, the then Palace Physician from Scotland, to teach him medicine when he was the crown prince. The Maharaja even got a replica of full human skeletal system made of ivory by an artist to learn anatomy.  Even today, this replica of human skeletal system is exhibited by the side of a real skeletal system in Napier Museum in Trivandrum and it is almost impossible for anybody to identify the artificial one.

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“The  Lullaby” is a sophisticated   Obstetric centre of  Sree Uthram Thirunal Royal  Hospital The  Lullaby- Royal Birthing  Centre

Sree Uthram Thirunal Royal Hospital’s  new birthing  center “ Lullaby”  is formally inaugurated at an elegant function by  Ms. Swhetha Menon the noted cine artist. Read More


An advanced centre for both medical and surgical management of Gastrointestinal and liver diseases is started in SUT Royal Hospital, Ulloor, Trivandrum Read More

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